Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies: Compilation

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In this cute dog and baby video, tune in to see some precious and hilarious moments between dogs, puppies, babies, and toddlers. Precious.


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Mynneapolis says:

Dogs are not vicious killing machines. They are a domesticated animal that
was specifically bred to be good with people. Come on, anti-dog folks.

Aertraveller says:

Hi, my name is Mok Myung Dae, I own a restaurant in Republic of Korea,
Seoul. I’m interested in buying American / European dogs and importing them
to here Korea for food production purposes. Please contact me if you are
interested in selling your dog, we pay decent price based on the weight of
your dog. Also stray dogs are accepted.


Mok Myung Dae

skyler westermann says:

I’ve been watching baby videos for like an hour now. I don’t even want

Gillie DaKid says:

Fucking ppl letting dogs molest their babies clean mouths!!!!! Fucking
horrible parents!!!! You disgusting animals should not have kids!!!!!!

Rissa enragedscarlet says:

Whats disgusting is letting these dogs trample over tiny babies.

Darcy Fairbairn says:

Do some research before making silly comments. First of all, babies come
home with their mother’s immune system in tact, so unless there is a reason
to protect a baby, eg. illness that has compromised their immune system,
the baby will be fine. I clipped this from a ‘Baby, Expert Advice” site.
“Some parents worry that dogs will pass germs to their babies when they
lick or slobber on them. It’s true that dogs’ mouths can harbor bacteria,
especially if they’ve been chewing on unsanitary things. However, germs
tend to be species-specific, meaning dog germs are unlikely to make your
child sick. Some experts even think that exposure to dogs — and dog slobber
— can help kids avoid asthma and allergies later in life by challenging
their immune systems.” Interaction with the family pet is just fine,
especially if the family pet is being properly followed with vet care, is
well looked after, and has the appropriate temperament.

Keem Keem says:

White people are so disgusting. Why would you have your baby chew on a dog
playable bone? 

bashbrannigan says:

If the dog was raised with kindness, it will treat humans the same way.
Dogs attacking babies is extremely rare, but because of the possible damage
you need to be extra careful with babies. The largest number of attacks are
either by Pitfalls, or by dogs where the owner has made the dog vicious.
There is an entire Wikipedia article on it:

Marco Lorenzo says:

After watching this video, I am more convinced than ever that people should
be required to obtain a licence before having kids. They make you go
through so many hoops to adopt but there is absolutely no control for
natural births even though so many people are shit parents and either
neglect their kids or raise them into Hitlers. The licence doesn’t have to
be impossibly difficult to obtain, but it should at least include many of
the criteria that go into adoptions.

Paul Dodds says:

This is disgusting letting dogs sit on baby’s heads and run into them
nearly chokeing them these owners shouldn’t be aloued to have kids let
alone a dog irresponsible parents 1o1

blondwiththewind says:

Sometimes you have to let “dogs be dogs” and “kids be kids”…..and other
times you just gotta let ’em be “kids n’ dogs”. :-)

Attila Vinczer says:

Every one of these people/parents should be charged with endangering the
lives of these babies and toddlers. How insane must you be to allow these
dogs near these fragile children? One snap of the mouth on the throat and
any one of these babies/toddlers/children are DEAD!!! A good clear
understanding of the unquestionable danger is seen at 1:10 taking less than
a second for that dog to exact a deadly attack on that toddler had there
been no glass to protect it!!!

Never, ever let babies, toddlers or young children near any dog! Not even
your own, that you think, would never hurt your child. It can, could and
will horribly injure your child or kill it. What normal thinking human
being would take that risk?

I am a dog breeder and a dog owner and a father who has parented 4 children
all around our dogs. NONE of my very well trained dogs were EVER allowed
to go near my babies, or toddlers. As my children got older, they were
permitted more and more flexibility with our dogs. Only now that they are
teenagers, do I permit them unsupervised contact with our dogs.

Platonic Purple Panda says:

Why would you let your dog lick all over your baby’s face? Who knows what
they have licked outside the house or ground? Humans don’t lick babies why
should you let your pets? Eww…

Nerium Age Defying Day & Night Cream / NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream says:

Mostly not funny. How could any parent allow the dog to kiss the mouth of
their kids!!! That is just sooooo gross!

Simona Toma says:


Scar A says:

1:14, when the Russian prostitute asks me for her money after the service.

Aysia King says:

Lol notice how it’s always the white families that let animals pick in
there child’s mouth…hilarious!!

derrick Micheals says:

I work for the government city job and the stuff I see people do is way
more gross and disgusting then a dog Licking a face. You have to get out
and see how disgusting ppl are I can’t talk about what I see it will make u
throw up dogs are way cleaner trust me

Cody Tito says:

Those bumps they have all over their heads should be popped back in
carefully with a hammer. Then follow up with a wire brush to smooth the
surface out.

glitter_freak1 says:

Damn they look like they love their dogs more than their babies

Breezy8o8 . says:

All the people trippin’ about dogs licking the babies faces… Have you
ever wondered why people don’t like rats? Cockroaches? spiders? Snakes,
etc.. and there are traps and ways of keeping them out of your house… but
dogs are pretty normal to have in your house hold, and MANY dogs lick
faces… now after several centuries of having dogs next to man, licking
faces don’t you think if the licks were deadly it would be ill-advised to
have dogs in the house? MILLIONS of dog owners around the world, that is a
huge sample size of face licking, if they were deadly I am sure we would’ve
known by now.

Tiyasha Bhan says:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw sooooooooooooooooooo cute☺️

Luís D'Arcadia says:

Some of these dogs needed to be corrected and taught to respect the baby.
Sitting on the baby? Jumping on top of him? Carrying him around like prey?
That’s just dangerous and not funny nor cute.

jagman938 says:

I hate dogs. I beat My girlfriends dog when she’s at work with a broom
until he lifts his paw and cower. He always run and hide behind the
stove.then when she comes home I stay far away from him so she won’t detect
he’s scared of me. I love when he lifts his paw and run like a pussy..he
act tuff around her but when she leaves his ass is mine

GraceyRene and Sweet BesseMae says:

So cute. Babies and dogs. Go together like peanut butter and jelly. Delish!

Rose Nude says:

Hi guys, hope you like this video :

Lori Loya says:

oh my god these kids are fine if you dont like it dont watch it! what about
animal cruelty i saw one of the babies pulling the dogs hair and nobody
told it anything. nobody stands up for animals now THAT is bullshit. 

Hajileah Coston says:

I have a dog of my own,named Prince I have inspired this video to him

ayesha merchant says:

After seeing this video I would never allow a dog to come near my baby and
even if they do I’d kill them . period! That bloody dog sat on the kids
head like actually ! 

கவியாழி கண்ணதாசன் says:


Amber Young says:

I have a dog they love to babies and guess what they shut the f*** up this
will be for you to judge about a dog don’t care more cleaner than humans
that is the truth 6 dogs they love to lick people I have a husky lick on my
nephew and my baby girl

Anastasios Papanikolaou says:

Owning an animal whithout having a use for it, like for example a blind
person, to me I guess that’s just wrong. People think they are friends of
animals and they own them. To me they are the complete opposite. If they
are friends of animals they shouldn’t own an animal. If they don’t have a
use for it, it should be free.

QuellTheFear says:

Dogs are more hygienic is it? Lemme see your dog lick your mouth, after it
just licked it’s own balls or some other dogs shit or sniffed some other
dogs piss or licked some other germ from god knows were. You can catch
diseases from dogs shit, especially if flies have been on it. Look it up.
Stop trying to intellectualize your blind love for animals, balance it out
with some sense. How could you let a dog lick your mouth? That shit is

Nguyễn Văn T says:

thank you for you share. So, can you tell me what’s the name of ending song
video? thanks once again

Xardi2012 says:

Poor dogs 🙁 

Yvette Clemmen says:

Coucou à vous tous , super mignon parfois les animaux ont plus de tendresse
que l’être humain ,

Tiara Fannings says:

Why they let there dog hurt the baby:-(

Ivana Laurol says:


Tõnu Rannamäe says:

1:25 gettin real tired of your s*it

Nitesh Kumar says:

jkkvf joijkg ;l
‘, kpf

Josephine Jensen says:

What is the name of the song/melody in the end of the video?

Nick Quut says:

Go kittens ! go cats xDD

Jeremy Jones says:

0:24 – 0:50 Fuck that cunt. You shouldn’t allow your children, no matter
how young, to tease animals like that. It’s bad for the dog, it’s bad for
the child. Irresponsible bitch. “Poor dog” is right. You better not take
your kid to the zoo, without giving him/her a looong talk about why you do
NOT tease animals, ESPECIALLY with food!

Jahnay Wilborn says:


Jesús Muñoz says:


Badrelbdooor A says:
fatima ramos says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

museack says:

I would never ever let a dog lick the mouth of my baby. Do any of you know
where those tongues have been?

橋本純子 says:


Adarsh Kadariya says:

Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies: Compilation:

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