Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]

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A compilation of all the very best laughing babies in the world.

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Steve Corona says:

I had to punch a cinderblock to make myself feel manly again

Gian Dacanay says:

Hearing a baby’s laugh makes us so happy unless it’s 3 am and you have no

Anne-Roos Van Den Heuvel says:

when you’re sad just look at this video :)) or when you’re happy… just
watch it

Jelena Loves Steven ❤ says:

I want a baby ^__^

JovansJazz says:

4,000 thumbs down?? I’m done with humans

Pastor.Gnanadhas Isaac says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

funnyplox says:

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Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

Phillip Shadid says:

I’m convinced that 4,084 people either live in a country where thumbs down
means “love it” or they were standing on their head when they voted.

You would have to be a soul-less human to vote this down. And I’m not
talking about Ginger soul-less, I’m talking about you came from the bottom
pits of fairytale hell where the devil dribbled you out of his nutsack.

Walter Gantt says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

Cailee Vlogs says:

all soooo cute!!!

Margarita Mercado says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

battleskull zurg says:

Aww, this is to cute :} UGH time to listen to metal, lift some weights and
punch a wall to regain my manhood.

Swazz says:

2.0 speed is enough to kill.

Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever breathe again.

TheCandycraver101 says:

Who dislikes laughing babies that’s just not right…

Alex Marsh says:

Oh that laugh

owen dake says:

heck these baby’s can sure laugh and now i cant stop laughing!

ngawa sherpa says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

Kaitlyn Groody says:

The baby laughing at the tearing of paper was the best. 

Goldduststarwarrior 5 says:


Joe Soap says:



1:10 is my favorite

syeda zainab says:

Colours of life:))

بنت آدم says:


Michael Jeromerak says:

It is very sweet to see the babies laughing

CreedStudio TV says:

who can be so negativ and act like shit to dislike this video? over 4000
people are sick in their minds

Xepic_piggehX says:

4th one is best

Lauren Smith says:

Awhh so cutee

jothi babu says:

how nice to hear the baby’s laugh

TheJoe says:

Watch this in 2x speed!



GPinkBandit says:

At some point it started to sound like some rubber squeaky toy…

younes el bardi says:

The on at 01:00 iz so cute lol

Дмитрий .Sandro MaC says:

Дети, цветы жизни))

Sandra Huguelet says:
Dopplenganger Croft says:

0:52 Is my fav

Amelia Prizer says:

i love how 4k ppl dislike this like wtf 

Maleeyah Dunn says:

Cute and funny

madx43 says:

And that’s put my fiance in a good mood 

Amara Usuf says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

Rafeeqah Abrahams says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

Isabella Villalba says:

I can not stop laughing

funnyplox says:

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Laughing Hysterically at Dogs Compilation 2013 [HD]

Jacqueline Davies says:

It wos up less hrhrhrhthrhthr

akshay kharate says:

very funny video

Anne Paradiang says:

Babies are so cute

salma mahmoud says:

that really made my day

Ernie Powe says:

The best

Angel Sarinana says:

Very funny :)-

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