baby laughing

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baby laughing


Marja van der Neut says:

Bekijk deze video op YouTube:
Wat een schattig mannetje, je krijg er zelf ook de slappe lach van

Mystical Foxy says:

Dad: (quietly) hook
Baby :Hahaha
Baby: (Explodes of laughter)

Armed Warrior says:

i remember watching this along time ago with my grandpa! he now passed away

العبيدية جوجو says:

Oh my god he is so cute and adorble I love hem soooo much

nelly ناجى حسين says:

baby laughing:

مهجول على اليوتيوب says:

المقطع من عام 2006
والولد يمكن عمره كان وقتها 3 سنوات
الحين عمره 14 سنه هههههههههههههههههههههه يعني فاهم الحياه لو شاف مقطعه 

IndigoMoondancer says:

This kid would be like 10 yrs in 2016 holy shit!!! 

Vijay Kumar says:

baby laughing: Happy

Daniel Dawson-Smith says:

is this baby Down’s? looks like it to me.

Dayton Martell says:

I use this video to cheer my girlfriend.
And to end her hatred of me. Works everytime

Krystal Harwood says:

see Morgan baby laugh video, also. It’s hilarious

Razan Abd al Salam says:


cécile taddey says:

This baby is the funniest baby ever

amy wilkerson says:

Bahahaha my girls and I were giggling

We should all start and end our days off watching this to remind us the
simple things in life may fill our hearts with smiles

And who doesn’t love a cup of laughter which runs over all the days chaos..

Choice is awesome!!!

yasmin abdulkadir says:
Niklyn Crazy says:

Lol I made my like niece laugh my mom told me to change her diapers because
she sick and doest want to get the baby sick so I made it if it was a big
deal and she just laughed and her wipes I coups open it I tried to she just
laughed watching me struggling opening it I should’ve record it

HermaphroGynandro says:

Just shy of 23,000,000! 8)

Alex Mercer says:

let the baby take a breath XD

Jesse Nunez says:

it so funny i cant stop laughing cause it make me laugh so hard i sister
wont stop laughing so hard she freak me out 

danin koch says:

never get tired with his laughing. i enjoy anytime

Hariz Hazman says:

after few years, I watched this again. Always made me laugh 

Ashley Crystal says:

Thumbs up who’s watching this in 2014 :)

jamilex duran says:

He is so cute

TeamJacobForever1404 says:

This is still my favourite.

Sabina Ellner says:

Love this baby, and awesome that the baby is swedish like me. ;D 

Dave Night says:

No matter how many times I see this, this little guy makes me laugh as hard
as he
is laughing. But my laughing is not cute his is. He’s a funny little man.

Sadik Belhout says:

Made my day ! :)

MacedonianGamesPV says:

This Is The Funniest Video Ever Made 😀 

yasser alamri says:

افضل مقطع في اليوتيوب

Rachel Williams says:

All laughing aside, I just found a cure to my cutting. I just have to watch
this every time I want a razor. 

black11ghost02 MustacheMo2003 says:

He isn’t doing it right

Jobelle Yasay says:

Ohhh this kid really killed my sadness.. I wish to meemt him soon…

Isabella Tedesco says:

BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched it more than 1,000 times. sad
thing is the fact that I’m not exaggerating 

ElementaIChaos says:

This baby is about 7 or 8 years old now. Older than some of the kids on
Youtube right now.

og baby koya says:

this is so.cute

Neon Angel says:

Just think…this kid is 8 yrs old now!! i first saw this when my daughter
was 2…now she is 10 🙂 still adorabe

Eldrick Zurita says:

That laugh lol, ahhhhhh gets me every time haha

Matthew Breach says:

This always makes me laugh.

Dominique Hoxie says:

My chest almost popped

Chicken Munroe says:

It’d be inhuman, not to like this.

Naj says:

how do so many people dislike this

MIKE D says:

this video is making me so horny I wana fuck that baby in his mouth im deff
gona jerk off to this right now <3

Breanna Jones says:

I just love to here baby’s laugh

Craig Larson says:

Very fuuy hysterical love it

Sakster Rose says:

soo cute

TheGuess2 says:

Dammit, I don’t have time to finish the video i gtg get an abortion

Mackenzie Cain says:

No offense but he sounds like that lion of I’d r dorthy

Janessa Rascon says:

Soooooooooooo!!!! CUTE!!!!

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